Raquel Paz Castro

Raquel Paz Castro, Ph.D.

Scientific Researcher

Phone: +41 44 448 11 80

Presence times: Mo-Mi


Main Research interests

  • Interventions to reduce tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption among adolescents and young adults using information and communication technologies
  • Statistical support

Curriculum vitae

Raquel Paz, PhD, studied Clinical and Health Psychology, as well as Swiss History and Educational Sciences at the University of Zurich. Her master's thesis on "Stress in families with chronically ill children: The Role of Shared Time as a Protective Factor" was awarded with the Semester Prize of the University of Zurich.

During and after her master studies (2012-2016), she held several statistics tutorials at the University of Zurich, introductory psychology courses at the Fachschule Dickerhof AG and assisted for the courses "Psychology of Language" and "Emotion & Motivation" at UniDistance Swiss. Since completing her studies in 2013, she has been working as a research assistant at the ISGF, where she also completed her dissertation on "Mobile phone-based interventions for tobacco and alcohol use reduction in adolescents" (degree: 2017).