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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Illegal drugs

Cannabis, Cocaine and Opiates used to be the most frequently consumed illegal drugs. With the introduction of techno-culture, synthetic drugs such as ecstasy and amphetamines, and later GHB/GBL, were increasingly consumed by the end of the 1990s. However, it is difficult to determine the prevalence of such substances using traditional population surveys that go beyond lifetime prevalence. 
More important are treatment statistics, as they have been conducted by the ISGF for 20 years in qualitative surveys, as we do in the Swiss Addiction Monitoring or data collection and as we evaluate them in the Safer Nightlife Swiss project.
Historically, the ISGF has mainly carried out projects in the opiate sector in the course of the introduction and evaluation of heroin-assisted treatment in Switzerland and has played a pioneering role internationally. The ISGF has also been an important international partner in the evaluation and ultimately the improvement of the quality of treatment. By means of Internet-supported self-help and chat counselling, the ISGF is currently trying to reach problematic cocaine users who are otherwise difficult to reach.  

Current Projects


    Development and testing the efficacy of a guided transdiagnostic smartphone-based intervention for sufferers in opioid substitution therapy in Iran.