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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction


Summary How happy is your team?" QuaTheTeam-58 is an instrument for measuring the job satisfaction of employees in addiction therapy and serves the internal quality development of the institution within the framework of QuaTheDA
Project manager(s) Susanne Schaaf
Duration Ongoing since 2003
Client / Funding partner(s) 2003 and 2006: Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation
since 2006: relevant institutions
Cooperating partner(s) Therapeutic facilities for the treatment of addictions


By promoting quality in addiction care, the FOPH aims to contribute to the professionalization of services in ambulatory and stationary treatment and other sectors. The QuaTheDA (Quality Therapy Drugs Alcohol) reference system is a quality standard geared to the structural and process quality of addiction care institutions. As part of the establishment of the comprehensive quality assurance system in the QuaTheDA ( addiction care system, the QuaTheTeam surveys were carried out throughout Switzerland in 2003 and 2006 by the FOPH, and in 2006 with the financial participation of the treatment centres. For the time being, the FOPH no longer wishes to support this project financially due to other funding priorities. However, interested institutions still have the possibility of conducting an employee survey as an element of quality assurance. The ISGF offers this service on a tailored basis.


With QuaTheTeam-58, addiction aid facilities receive a tool for the targeted internal improvement of the quality of their structures, processes and results. By using QuaTheTeam-58, they also fulfil the QuaTheDA requirements for quality assurance in the addiction aid sector.

Our Services

  • You will receive a confidential institution report with the average scores and frequency distributions for the 58 satisfaction questions (graphs and tables) and with a presentation of the answers to the four open questions.
  • You can compare the data with the results of the 2006 and 2003 surveys and check whether the potential for improvement identified at that time has actually been used to date and where there is still room for improvement.
  • If desired, the results of individual departments or professional groups can be compared with each other and with the total value of the institution/foundation (comparison only for larger institutions, so that the anonymity of employees is guaranteed).
  • On request, the questionnaire can be adapted to the framework conditions of your institution (removal of individual questions, addition of questions on additional aspects).
  • If desired, the results can be commented on. You will receive your report 2-3 weeks after receipt of the questionnaire or after entering it in the online version (exception: official holiday weeks). The date will be determined in each individual case.

Target Population

The offer of an institution-specific employee survey using QuaTheTeam-58 is aimed at inpatient therapy facilities for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, but is also used by outpatient units (in a modified form).


The questionnaire is available in three national languages and contains 58 standardised and 4 open questions. The following topics are addressed in the questionnaire: clients (interaction), services (therapy offer, therapy concept, networking), resources (working atmosphere and team spirit, further education, infrastructure, burnout, etc.), management (personnel management, task and competence regulation, strategy, concept and project work, information policy, etc.) and environment (political and professional framework conditions, etc.). In the detailed version, socio-demographic data, educational background, functional area, degree of employment as well as work and professional experience are also recorded. Some of these variables can also be collected in large institutions, provided that the anonymity of the participants is guaranteed. Employees can rate the aspects on a scale of 1 (not correct at all) to 6 (correct completely). The open questions give employees the opportunity to describe the strengths and weaknesses of their institution in their own words. The combination of closed and open questions has proven to be effective for the objectives of the project.

Das Instrument steht auch als Online-Variante zur Verfügung.


If you are interested in an employee survey using the QuaTheTeam-58, please contact us. We will gladly clarify the terms and conditions with you, discuss your wishes and prepare a corresponding offer. Since the survey is conducted individually for each facility, the mean values of the reference groups as they were available in 2003 and 2006 are not applicable. However, it is possible for institutions to join forces for a survey and together form a small reference group. In this case, we welcome joint and coordinated contact. The costs for the evaluation depend on the following: number of completed questionnaires, chosen survey variant (paper questionnaire or online data collection in the institution) and on any other special requests (for example the comparison of individual departments or professional groups).


The employee survey QuaTheTeam-58 is carried out annually by one to three addiction aid facilities as part of an internal assessment or their organizational development. The questionnaire is also used in the context of research projects outside the ISGF.


Publications on this project are confidential.

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