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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Summary  Development, piloting, networking and evaluation of an online self-help interface for problematic and pathological gambling behaviour
Project manager(s) Michael Schaub
Duration 01.2018-12.2021
Client / Funding parnter(s)

Health Promotion Switzerland (Prevention in Health Care) and "Spielsucht Kooperationsmodell Nordwest- und Innerschweiz", "Interkantonales Spielsuchtprojekt Ostschweiz"

Cooperating partner(s)

Addiction Switzerland, "Perspektive Thurgau", "Groupement Romand d'Etudes des Addictions GREA", "Gruppo Azzardo Ticino Preventione"


Problematic or pathological gambling addiction is widespread in Switzerland (ESBK 2014). Comorbidities with depressive disorders and substance-related addictions are high. Treatment is provided on a cantonal basis, with various services being combined. An actual therapeutic self-help interface, which can be linked to additional more direct therapy offers including blended counselling, is lacking in Switzerland. Blended counselling means the appropriate combination of internet counselling with other forms of counselling in order to compensate the disadvantages of one form with the advantages of the other.


With we are planning the development, programming, piloting, translation and nationwide networking of a web-based self-help interface to reduce problematic or pathological gambling, taking into account frequent comorbid disorders. For the first time, those affected will receive a suitable self-help offer that is available around the clock. In addition, persons undergoing treatment can make their health and therapy-relevant information available to specialists in a targeted manner. Conversely, practitioners and therapists can offer their clients the self-help interface for blended counselling 


In addition to a pilot project and a detailed self-evaluation, the effectiveness of the self-help surface is to be tested afterwards thanks to the additional funding of the 16 cantons of the intercantonal SOS Gambling Addiction programme. Finally, following successful pilot testing, adaptation and evaluation, the self-help interface will be made widely available to those seeking advice and counselling, including,, and, in trilingual and culturally adapted form. Interested treatment and therapy professionals are trained in the use of blended counselling in connection with the self-help surface (priority area II). Sustainability is ensured through continued funding and networking with

Value of the project

People with problematic/pathological gambling with or without comorbid mental disorders or addiction will for the first time receive a suitable offer available around the clock. In addition, persons undergoing treatment will be able to document their mental health or gambling behaviour regularly and independently. Additionally patients will be able to make health and treatment-related information available to their specialists. Conversely, counsellors and therapists can offer their clients the self-help interface in addition to their face-to-face offer (blended counselling) and use the data collected in the process at the request of the client.