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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Behaviour change by mHealth applications

Summary Literature review on effective behavior change techniques in mHealth applications.
Lead Mareike Augsburger, Severin Haug
Duration 12.2020 - 10-2021
Funding Bundesamt für Gesundheit
Cooperation Center for Digital Health Interventions, ETH Zürich

Description of the project

The conditions for achieving health-related behavior change through mHealth applications are systematically researched and presented. The conditions necessary to achieve (1) intended use of mHealth applications and (2) health-related behavior change are elicited separately, each via a systematic literature review. The goal of Substudy 1 is to systematically identify effective technology-related behavior change techniques that promote intentional use of mHealth applications. The objective of Substudy 2 is to systematically identify effective health-related behavior change techniques for mHealth applications that address the most common NCDs, mental health, addiction, and their physiological or behavioral determinants. These will be developed separately for the different target behaviors and summarized in a criteria catalog.

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