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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Prevention and early intervention

Depending on the type of behaviour and the target group, prevention aims to hinder either a manifestation, an early onset or an excessive development of a certain type of behaviour. However, prevention can also aim to prevent the negative effects of certain types of behaviours or a chronification of behaviour. 

Early interventions, on the other hand, are interventions that start as early as possible in the development of a problem and attempt to counteract the impending development or the chronification of problematic behaviour including any subsequent effects and symptoms.

The ISGF primarily carries out preventive measures and early interventions in vulnerable population groups, in adolescents and young adults who are at increased risk of developing substance disorders. In addition, we are also active in prevention in the field of health promotion (workplace health promotion, nutrition and exercise). 
In the meantime, prevention studies using new media such as SMS, apps or the Internet have become an important part of the ISGF's research area of prevention and early intervention as well as the treatment of substance disorders and behavioural addictions.



Projects on prevention and early intervention

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