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Take Care of Me

Summary Testing the Efficacy of an Online Self-Help Treatment for Comorbid Alcohol Misuse and Emotional Problems inYoung Adult Manitobans: A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)
Project manager(s) Michael Schaub
Duration 10.2017 – 10.2020
Client / Funding partner(s) Research Manitoba, Canada
Cooperating Partner(s)

Prof. Matthew Keough, Prof. Rosin O’Connor, Prof. Edward Johnson, Prof. Norah Vincent


Many Manitoban teens and young adults struggle with co-occurring alcohol and emotional problems. Provincial statistics show that 26.9% of Manitobans develop alcohol dependence at some point in their lives, and as many as 25% have significant depression and anxiety. Young adults living in rural and Northern communities seem to be the most affected by these mental health issues due to limited access to treatment centers. Co-occurring alcohol and emotional problems negatively impact both the well-being of young adults and the health care system in Manitoba. One major problem is that we do not have effective treatments that can reach people across the province who struggle with alcohol and emotional problems.


In this study, we create and evaluate a new online treatment to help young adults control their drinking and cope with negative emotions. 


The treatment will be 8-weeks long, and young adults will have access to 12 online treatment modules. Young adults receiving the intervention will also get ongoing e-coaching (via email) from a mental health professional. The effectiveness of this treatment will be compared to a control group. 

Value of the project

The proposed treatment will improve the delivery of mental health care services to young adults in Manitoba.


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