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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Smartwatch data to optimize digital interventions

Summary Optimising digital interventions for gamblers through ambulatory assessments and smartwatch data
Lead Severin Haug
Duration 01.2024 - 12.2026
Funding Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and National Research Foundation (NRF) in Korea
Cooperation partner College of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea

Project description

First, a monitoring system based on smartwatch data and regular ambulatory assessments will be developed. This should make it possible to record the gambling behaviour and accompanying external circumstances, such as stress, of gamblers over several weeks. As part of the cooperation project with the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, a subsequent validation study will examine which indicators collected via this monitoring system predict gambling craving and behaviour. In a second step, the existing online programme Winback-Control will be optimised on the basis of these results and supplemented with intervention elements that offer support at the appropriate time, such as in the case of increased stress or associated craving. The optimised programme will be tested among gamblers in Korea with regard to acceptance and effectiveness.


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