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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction

Quality management

The ISGF has been active in health care evaluation and quality research for many years. In contrast to treatment research, the main focus here is on examining the effectiveness and quality of health care in reality and not under study conditions. For example, health services research includes a project, which investigates possible quality changes at the interfaces between hospitals and follow-up treatment centres after the introduction of flat rates per case in Switzerland. 

The ISGF conducts analyses of the condition and quality of health care both institution-specific and cross-institutionally. For some time now, an important focus has been the survey of client and staff satisfaction in addiction care, whereby the ISGF has made a significant contribution to the questionnaire design for the different areas. Among other things, the ISGF has developed the minimum European quality standards for addiction therapy, rehabilitation and harm reduction on behalf of the European Union (EQUS project).

Projects on quality management

HeGeBe-Monitoring (former project)

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