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Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction


Historically, the ISGF was established during the introduction and evaluation of heroin-assisted treatment in Switzerland and has since developed a record of accomplishments in conducting feasibility studies and randomized controlled trials.

 In addition to the standard evaluations of opioid addiction treatments, the field of treatment research has expanded to include so-called tailored interventions. These are interventions aimed at specific, particularly vulnerable target groups undergoing smoking cessation (with or without drugs or nicotine substitutes) and in treatment of a problematic or dependent use of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine or behavioural addictions. Research on these tailored interventions is mainly conducted using social therapeutic methods, methods of motivational interviewing, methods from cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy

Currently, intervention studies using new media such as SMS, apps, or the internet are an important part of the ISGF's research on prevention, early intervention and treatments of substance disorders. In addition, our web-based interventions find significant international distribution, in countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Canada and Estonia.

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